Wondering how you will pay for college? We can help you find a way. At Lincoln University, 我们明白教育是一项投资,而学生一直是我们最大的投资. 林肯致力于通过我们提供的奖学金帮助更多的学术合格的学生毕业. 奖学金是“不可偿还”的援助,全球十大外围足球平台提供几种不同类型的奖学金来帮助支付新生的入学费用, transfer, and international new students.


Types of Scholarships

General Scholarship Guidelines

  • 大多数奖学金都是基于申请人的学术或课外成绩, while some are based on other criteria. 满足最初列出的标准并不能保证学生将获得奖励.
  • 提交奖学金申请的申请人将根据每年的可用资金进行考虑.
  • Lincoln-funded scholarships are never "refundable," and unused funds cannot be carried over to subsequent semesters.
  • 林肯资助的优秀奖学金与大学的战略愿景保持一致,鼓励学术领导和专业发展. 获得优秀奖学金的学生致力于学术卓越,并参加各种丰富的机会, which include community service.
  • To avoid missing out on possible scholarship opportunities, 请熟悉有关奖学金要求的全球十大外围足球平台, award amounts, and deadlines.
  • 申请奖学金的学生必须完成奖学金申请,还必须在每个奖学金列出的截止日期前提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA). 申请国际奖学金的国际申请人不需要提交FAFSA.
  • Scholarship funds will be utilized after all other federal, state, private, and external resources have been applied to a student’s account.